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The first task is to design. Lets be creative and design everything you can imagine. Circuits boards, algorithms, programming flow and even 3D models. Lets design!


You enjoy getting things done? This is your stage. With our NEW 3D PRINTER we can build whatever we want. We have a workshop with all the tools you might need and have university's labs at our side. All are ADVANTAGES!


After designing and building the idea we have to test it. You will have a good time with all the team testint all types of robotic stuff. Want you to test the project outside? at the labs? inside the building? Try it out!


And finally we have the project finished, at least a little. Now its time to enjoy it. Giving it the chance to meant something, serve for some purpose. You can even go out there, to contest around Spain and Europe to prove we are the best. Let our work make the awsome.

Proyectos Actuales

  • Robot de Sumo

    Encargado: Daniel Jimenez Lobo
  • Robot de Minisumo

    Encargado: Jorge Marín Torres
  • Impresora 3D

    Encargado: Antonio José Alors Pérez
  • Taller uControladores

    Encargado: Maria Dolores Tristán del Barrio
  • Bioloid

    Encargado: None
  • TupperBot

    Encargado: None

ESIBot Bot's

Overview of our most popular bots

TupperBot 2012

First TupperBot of 2013 that can follow the line

ESIBot Eurobot 2011

Testing out artificial vision for Eurobot 2011 contest

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